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Before v. After Mouseover Script

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It is sometimes interesting to show visitors the image before and after post-processing. I am asked often how to do this, particularly within hosted blog providers like when you don’t necessarily have... READ MORE

A new era of tripods

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The rumours are that there is a new generation of front-mounted dynamic tripods that are perfect for situations where the ground is too uneven for traditional tripods. As you can see from the... READ MORE

Sync your Mac with multiple Dropbox accounts

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If you are like me, then you’ll have two Dropbox accounts. One for personal files and one for work/collaboration (which in my case is also integrated into WordPress for sharing client files). Here... READ MORE

10 advanced tips for Instagram

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Instagram is great because it’s a really simple way to publish images. The ability to create and distribute, follow and tag, make it addictive. Plus, the filters give the ability to turn even... READ MORE

Hong Kong – where two worlds collide

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What continually amazes me about Hong Kong is the speed with which the cost of living is increasing. A friend told me yesterday that his landlord wanted to put up the rent by... READ MORE

A city of contrasts

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I had to wander out today to buy a travel adapter to charge my camera, blackberry, laptop and iTouch. Everything seemed to die at once. Where did I find it? In completely the... READ MORE

4 Weeks across East Africa by Motorbike

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View the detailed route map Saturday September 5th – Mary – Completion of the 7500km expedition… and a Final Twist All went according to plan though not without a final twist (of course)... READ MORE